United States Province

The International Congregation of the MSC Sisters includes seven provinces: Namibia, Korea, Latina; Germany; Australia; Papua New Guinea; and the United States. The United States Province, which embraces the fifty states and Mexico, is home to 50 of the more than 700 MSC Sisters worldwide.

Throughout every Province, and particularly in the United States, Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart focus on living out their mission to share the love and compassion of the Heart of Christ with people everywhere. They do this through education, social services, hospice, healthcare, pastoral care, and elder care.

We are known as the MSC from our name in Latin, Missionarie Sacratissimi Cordis. Our motto, “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere,” was coined by Father Jules Chevalier, MSC who passed on the motto to Fr. Hubert Linckens who founded our congregation in the year 1900.

Provincial Council

The MSC Provincial Council is the governing body of the U.S. Province. This elected/appointed council operates in four year cycles and is made up of four Sisters; one Provincial Superior, her First Councilor and two other councilors. The Council is charged with the tasks of fostering life and unity within the community and coordinating the talents and gifts of the Sisters in the service of others and the mission of the congregation.

Inducted on August 6, 2022 the current Leadership Team of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus includes (left to right): Sister Dorothy Fabritze, Province Leader, and her councilors Sister Patrice Cosgrove, Sister Raymond Gazo (First Councilor), and Sister Mary Anne Bigos. Sister Dorothy Fabritze says that she hopes to “live in the awareness that God is Love, to continue our MSC mission of being sent to all to make known the love and kindness of God, and to support our sisters as they do the same.”