Team Captain Guide

You can register to walk or run in the Nun Run 5k and 1m Fun Walk as an individual, or as part of a team.  Teams are a fun option for groups of 3 or more people who want to participate in the event together.

Teams work together to fundraise for the event and may gather for purposes such as honoring a loved one, a group or a particular MSC Sister. Each team that raises $500 or more will be recognized at the event as a Top Team. Teams do not necessarily have to walk or run the course together. All members of teams must register individually and note their team name.

Below are some tips on starting a team and being a Team Captain:

  1. Register yourself and add your team name

First things first, you need to register to run, walk, or volunteer for the event. On your registration form, add your team name in the team/group name field or register online under the category “team registration”, create the team name and pay for yourself. Second, be sure to tell your team members exactly how you are spelling and spacing your team name in case other teams are similar. Other team members can then register under Join a Team by searching your team name, or they can mail in their registration form and payment, indicating their team name.

Third, email [email protected] with the following information: 1) Your team name, 2) why you are participating, 3) your goal for number of team members, and 4) your goal for fundraising.

TIP: Choose a team name that reflects the reason why you are participating in the event.

  1. Recruit and register team members

Recruit your friends, family members or co-workers who are each committed to raise money for the Nun Run.

Help your team members register by providing them with printed registration forms or email them the link to the online form. Ask them to choose your team name on their registration forms.

Remind team members that fundraising efforts can count towards registration fees, and that registration fees for runners and walkers are due at the time of registration.

TIP: Set a goal for the number of people on your team. Make a list of people who you will ask to join your team. Your list should have twice as many names as your goal.

  1. Set a fundraising goal

Set a team fundraising goal, and ask each team member to raise a specific amount of money to help achieve the team fundraising goal. Example: A team of 10 people can easily raise $1,000 if each person raises $100.  Remember that each team member’s registration fee will count towards the team fundraising goal.

TIP: To be a Top Team, set a goal of $1,000 or more

TIP: Print a copy of the Sponsorship Form and distribute them with your team name filled in.

  1. Reach your fundraising goal

Start fundraising at least one month prior to the date of the event, or sooner if you can!

  1. Motivate and encourage your team members

Give your team members weekly updates on how the team is progressing toward its member and fundraising goals.

Recognize your team members as they achieve their individual fundraising goals.

TIP: Keep us updated on your team’s progress, so that we can update your team page on our website. Email [email protected] as you add new members, have fundraisers, etc.

  1. Show your team spirit on event day

Coordinate your outfits or make posters to unify your team. Team t-shirts are welcomed and encouraged. Consider walking or running together.

TIP: Pick up your team members’ packets for them at the Packet Pick-Up and distribute personally before the event.

ON RACE DAY, collect your team members’ Sponsorship Forms and donations and hand them in at the registration table to be tallied.

  1. Celebrate your team’s success

Be sure to congratulate and thank all of your team members at and after the event. Highlight team members who met their fundraising goals.  Contact [email protected] with questions.


*Registration pricing is per person…..not per team.
*Creating a team does not hold or reserve spots! Each member must complete their own registration to be registered.

*Team members can use whatever means necessary to encourage donations on their behalf. Social media, posters, word of mouth and phone calls work well. Remember that you are raising funds to give back to our MSC Sisters. Donors can learn more about our Sisters at, so please share this link and the Sisters’ Facebook page at