Sr. Hildegarde

Dear Sisters,

Today in the United States we celebrate our American Thanksgiving Day. In the early morning hours, Ssiter Hildegarde was invited by the Lord into His Presence, I’m sure with great thanksgiving and praise.

Sister M. Hildegarde – Gertrud Overhues
Born: December 1, 1901 in Roxel i. West Germany
First Profession: December 1, 1923
Died: November 22, 1979 in Reading, Pennsylvania

Sister Hildegarde came to the United States as a postulant i n 1922. Since 1924 Sister taught in several of our grade schools in Allentown , Coaldale, Philadelphia, Palmerton, Limeport and Lansford and in the math department in a diocesan hfgh school in Allentown.

Despite many ailments throughout her life, she was a very active person . For many years she suffered from arthritis and phlebitis and the medications she required brought on various complications. In the last few years of her active apostolate , it was her love of the congregation and her desire to give all she could give that kept her going .

In the fall of this year Sister came to our infirmary. Even though her moving about was somewhat curtailed because of her arthritis and a broken shoulder, she tried to do everything possible herself so as not to be a burden to others. No one will ever know how much she really suffered throughout her life because she bore her discomfort and pain with great patience and without a word of complaint.

On November 13, she was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital due to severe abdominal pain. On her way out on the ambulance stretcher she tried to sit up and look around, as if to take a last look at everyone and everything. However within the past few days she was feeling better and was looking forward to coming home. Then, this morning at 2:30 a.m., unexpectedly and peacefully, she died.

The Mass of the Resurrection will be offered for Sister on Monday, Nov. 26, at 10:00 a.m. and afterwards she will be laid to rest in the convent cemetery. Let us continue to remember Sister Hildegarde in our, prayers .

In the Love of Christ,
Sister M. Thomasita, MSC