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Consider for a moment whether you have a missionary heart… 

an extraordinary sense of compassion for others;
a desire to reach out to people in need, to share in their struggles and joys;
a desire for social justice that drives one to become an agent of change.

SAM_0112If any of these qualities resonate with you, perhaps you should consider life as a Missionary Sister of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus whose mission is to share the compassionate love of the Heart of Christ with the world.

The following are MSC vocation stories and comments; perhaps you can relate:

After leaving the Church for ten years, I struggled when I returned to develop a relationship with Jesus. Through my struggle I learned to follow where the relationship led; I learned to listen to my inner voice and to be true to the call I was hearing.”

“The missionary aspect of the MSC Community opens you to the world, to different value systems. This awareness and understanding impacts my daily experiences with others.”

-Sr. Bonnie Heydt, MSC

To investigate life as an MSC Sister, please contact [email protected], 610-929-5944 or Vocation Team, 2811 Moyers Lane, Reading, PA 19605.

The MSC Sisters pray that God grant you the awareness to hear your inner voice, the prayerful patience to investigate its meaning, and the courage to act upon your true calling, whatever that may be. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved now and forever.

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