Lay MSC Associates

Who are the Lay Missionary of the Sacred Heart Associates? 

They are ordinary women and men doing ordinary things by sharing in the life and spirit of the Missionary Sisters, while living the Gospel in their own daily lives.

Some are Prayer Associates whose ministry is based on the promise to pray for the Sisters and their mission.

Others are able to make a greater commitment through volunteerism, monthly meetings and retreats, and other helping ways of being with the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Why become a Lay Missionary Associate?

 Lay MSC and MSC Sisters

  • To seek new opportunities to grow spiritually.
  • To develop meaningful and supportive relationships.
  • To share in the charism of making Christ’s love present to everyone.
  • To support the goals, ideals and vision of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • To respond to Christ’s love and the call to Be the Heart of God on earth through formal commitment and involvement with the MSC Sisters.

Meet our Lay Missionary of the Sacred Heart Associates!
MSC Associates are ordinary people doing ordinary things to share the love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus. Associates share the spirituality and mission of the MSC Sisters. As Laity of the Chevalier Family (Father Jules Chevalier, MSC) they are part of a diverse and global family of women and men who share a vision, a spirituality and a mission.

How do I become a Lay Missionary of the Sacred Heart Associate?
For information, please contact Sr. Lorraine Molchanow, MSC, Director of MSC Associates at 610-372-1753, or email her at [email protected].  You also may contact Lay Coordinator Joann Rivera at [email protected].

25th Anniversary Celebrations Planned for 2017

From Root to Blossom to Fruit

MSC-25-logoThe simple logo for the 25th Anniversary of the Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, our Associates, is inspired by the theme of their very special year: “From Root to Blossom to Fruit.” Just as trees come to full bloom and draw life from deep below the ground, through roots, stem and branches, the same life principles reveal an inner dynamic for our Associates. From 1992 to the present, the Lay MSC, rooted in the charism and spirit of the MSC Sisters, have grown, blossomed and brought forth fruit for the glory of God and a world hungry for the message of God’s love.

Yet our roots go back much farther to Father Jules Chevalier, MSC who in 1854 and in response to the charism given to him by God, founded the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Issoudun, France. His conviction was that God’s love could change hearts and heal the evils of the time. From the very beginning, this vision included priests, brothers, sisters and laity. So that the “Sacred Heart of Jesus may be loved everywhere,” many missionaries were needed!

In celebration of their response of twenty-five years, the Lay Associates planned a series of events through 2017, looking not only to the past but also to the future.

The anniversary year opened on February 4th with a Valentine “Grateful Hearts Tea” in recognition and appreciation for the Sisters and Laity who guided the Associates over the years. On April 1 we looked at the historical roots of our association and gave witness to what being a Lay MSC means to the members. A day of retreat and commitment will be held on June 17 and on August 5 a picnic-like event with family and friends is planned. In connection with Mission Sunday, a Mass and Dinner will be held on October 14. On December 2 the year’s celebration will conclude with a remembrance of our deceased and the closing of a time capsule.

Please celebrate and pray with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and the Lay MSC Associates in gratitude for the many blessings of the past and with a renewed heart so that together we may truly be the heart of God on earth.